Aricle proposal: How to install ONLYOFFICE Docs for further integration with Nextcloud, on Fedora


I would like to write a tutorial on how to install ONLYOFFICE Docs and all the dependencies it needs for further integration, on Fedora. This office suite is able to be integrated into a whole variety of sharing services such as Netxcloud (Installing Nextcloud 20 on Fedora Linux with Podman - Fedora Magazine).

My goal is to show several alternative ways of installing an open-source office suite on RPM-based distro. And then describe how to connect ONLYOFFICE and Nextcloud instances to each other via the integration app that enables users to edit and co-edit office documents from Nextcloud using ONLYOFFICE Docs.

In my article, I’ll focus on the following points:

– brief overview of the main features of ONLYOFFICE Docs
– system requirements
– installing online editors on Fedora using RPM package
– installing online editors on Fedora using Docker
– installing online editors on Fedora via Snap
– running ONLYOFFICE Docs
– connecting an online suite to Nextcloud

Please share your thoughts and opinions about this proposal in the comments below. I stay open to your suggestions!

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+1 with a few changes:

  • Let’s leave Snap out of it, since that’s not a preferred way to install software on Fedora Linux
  • Can you use podman instead of docker in the article?
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Hello @masha0606,
Welcome to the community.
+1 on the article proposal, and echo @bcotton comments regarding Snap and Docker. I’ll get a card set up on the Magazine Kanban and if you haven’t done so already, could you please follow the directions at to get set up as a contributor to Fedora Magazine.
Taiga card #285 titled " How to install ONLYOFFICE Docs for further integration with Nextcloud, on Fedora" has been created. I think we will want to trim down the title a bit before publication though.

Out of pure curiosity. When will this article be published? I can not wait any longer :slight_smile:
Is SELinux also taken into account?

@woti We have not seen an update regarding this article by the proposer. I will contact them and see if we can assist

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@masha0606 The Taiga card #285 has been created and assigned to you.
Please take a look at the directions that @jakfrost provided earlier ( ) and let us know if we can assist in any way.