Aricle proposal: How to install ONLYOFFICE Docs for further integration with Nextcloud, on Fedora


I would like to write a tutorial on how to install ONLYOFFICE Docs and all the dependencies it needs for further integration, on Fedora. This office suite is able to be integrated into a whole variety of sharing services such as Netxcloud (Installing Nextcloud 20 on Fedora Linux with Podman - Fedora Magazine).

My goal is to show several alternative ways of installing an open-source office suite on RPM-based distro. And then describe how to connect ONLYOFFICE and Nextcloud instances to each other via the integration app that enables users to edit and co-edit office documents from Nextcloud using ONLYOFFICE Docs.

In my article, I’ll focus on the following points:

– brief overview of the main features of ONLYOFFICE Docs
– system requirements
– installing online editors on Fedora using RPM package
– installing online editors on Fedora using Docker
– installing online editors on Fedora via Snap
– running ONLYOFFICE Docs
– connecting an online suite to Nextcloud

Please share your thoughts and opinions about this proposal in the comments below. I stay open to your suggestions!

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+1 with a few changes:

  • Let’s leave Snap out of it, since that’s not a preferred way to install software on Fedora Linux
  • Can you use podman instead of docker in the article?

Hello @masha0606,
Welcome to the community.
+1 on the article proposal, and echo @bcotton comments regarding Snap and Docker. I’ll get a card set up on the Magazine Kanban and if you haven’t done so already, could you please follow the directions at to get set up as a contributor to Fedora Magazine.
Taiga card #285 titled " How to install ONLYOFFICE Docs for further integration with Nextcloud, on Fedora" has been created. I think we will want to trim down the title a bit before publication though.

Out of pure curiosity. When will this article be published? I can not wait any longer :slight_smile:
Is SELinux also taken into account?

@woti We have not seen an update regarding this article by the proposer. I will contact them and see if we can assist

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@masha0606 The Taiga card #285 has been created and assigned to you.
Please take a look at the directions that @jakfrost provided earlier ( ) and let us know if we can assist in any way.

Hey! I’m Kseniya from ONLYOFFICE. Due to some reasons Maria is not able to write the suggested article but I’m here to do it :slightly_smiling_face:

The article is ready and I’ve added the Podman deployment as you commented.
What should I do now to submit the article?

Btw, I’ve tried to get access as described here Getting access :: Fedora Docs but I can’t sign in to the Fedora Magazine WordPress and Kanban dashboard with my Fedora account. Could you help me with it please? I would really appreciate it.


Hello @kseniya_fedoruk ,
Welcome to the Fedora Discussion area and in particular the Magazine category! Could I have the email address you used at the Kanban Dashboard? I will use it to “invite” you into the writers group. Though it is currently setup to automatically add new members, so invite is with presumption of acceptance.

I believe I found your email address. However, I don’t believe you have signed the FPCA ( Fedora Project Contributor Agreement ). That is a requirement. I believe it should have been part of the process for getting access. Sign that and then log into Taiga and we can assign Taiga card #285 to you.

Thanks for taking this on.

By the way, to sign the FPCA after you’ve created your account:

Sign in to your FAS account at
Select the “Edit Profile” button
Find and select the “Agreements” tab

Hope that helps.

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Hi @rlengland! Hi @jakfrost!

Thanks for your help!

Well, I signed the FPCA and then tried to get access. The same thing again: I enter my Fedora Account credentials to sign in to the Fedora Magazine WordPress dashboard / Kanban board but the system doesn’t let me in.

My email is

Hello @kseniya_fedoruk ,
I seem to no longer have admin capabilities with Taiga, so I couldn’t add you. I’m sure @rlengland will. As for WP, you should get access as soon as you sign in with your Fedora Account credentials.

Hey Stephen. Sorry about that. I just meant to take you off all of the email notices, not to prevent you from doing things if you still want to. Would you like to be re-added to the “editorial board” list?

Edit: I think I’ve re-added you as an admin on Taiga. Sorry about that.

Does it display an error message (e.g. “user not found”)?

Hi @glb! No, no error message is displayed. I enter my Fedora Account credentials, it starts to get downloaded and then the window for entering credentials appears again. I repeated it dozens times (even tried my email instead of the username, then changed the password to make sure I enter the right version, but it’s all the same).

I just don’t know what the problem might be.

@kseniya_fedoruk, It sounds like something that needs to be reported to the infrastructure team. Can you file a new issue here and work with them to get the problem resolved?


@glb @rlengland Yippee! At last I successfully signed in to the Fedora Magazine WordPress dashboard and Kanban board :raised_hands:

So, what will be the next steps?

That way I can still help out as time allows behind the scenes, so to speak. I am also a moderator for discussion.fp.o so, this is inline I feel.

@rlengland I see you’ve assigned the Taiga card #285 to me. Thank you!

@kseniya_fedoruk You are welcome.
The next step is to move the card status to “In Progress” (See the upper right corner of the Taiga card or drag and drop in the Kanban board) then create your article in Wordpress and add the preview link to the Taiga card at the “Preview URL” location. When you feel it is ready for review, change the status to “Review”.

Let us know if you have questions as comments on the card or here in the magazine discussion. There are other resources available here.

Thanks for your effort.

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