Using attachments without downloading them locally, is it possible?

in my line of work I receive a large number of e-mail attachments on daily basis. To mitigate possible issues such as malwares, file deletion, storage overcrowding,etc.I am wondering is there a way to use/edit attachments without downloading them locally. Is there a virtual drive/cloud/online office option that can run videos,edit files, etc that you would recommed ?
I am looking for something open source,secure and with privacy in mind as I work in journalism.

It offers storage, an online office suite, images and PDF viewer - and it integrates with certain email providers (I think it was proton mail).

Have used the service and to be honest,It’s just not for me.

Just a general note that this is not really a Fedora specific query, so it’s sort of off-topic. You’re more likely to get better information on this sort of thing on other general journalism or security focused forums:


Apologize, I thought it would benefit the Fedora community to address the issue.I will close the topic.

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No worries. It’s not really something the Fedora community can address, unfortunately. We take software that is already out there and package it up in a nice way to create the Fedora Linux OS. We don’t develop all the software that is in the repos—we almost don’t develop any of it, in fact. We don’t develop e-mail related software at all for example, so we can’t really do much about such specific issues.

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