Gcp and fedora 35

I have been exploring several things here. 1. Are there anymore fedora live isos? I know the older versions had some; 2. How do you use the GCP and cloud base images? What can you do with those and all I know to do with the GCP is install into a bucket and import the image. Are there any details on what next? Does anyone know?

Every recent fedora release has had live isos to date. Usually with several different spins. Simply search for something like “download fedora iso” and you should get the link to do that. Here is the official link https://getfedora.org/en/workstation/download/

Hi the other thing, there a Fedora CoreOS available in Google Cloud Marketplace. If you want to try it out, maybe you can start by installing it in your local device by using the ISO from the link shared by @computersavvy above.

OK thanks much. I was trying to use the freely available images, but the closest thing I could come to was ubuntu on GCP. I’m just not that familiar with other flavors of gnu/linux other than fedora.

I’m just wondering too, what is the difference in GCP base with tar.gz and the GCP base with .raw.xz. Do they both have to be added to a bucket?