Anyone else missing bluetooth icons after recent update?

Currently using Fedora 39 with Gnome 45.5 on Wayland. I use bluetooth everyday and noticed a bug today. Now I do want to be clear that bluetooth does still work, however the bluetooth indicators no longer register showing anything either in the top right of the control center or in gnome’s system settings. I can connect to my bluetooth speaker or my headphones and it will connect and have working audio, but in Gnome’s shell the bluetooth indicator no longer presents itself even when connected. This was all working fine until the 6.7.11-200.fc39.x86_64 kernel update from last night. Anyone else notice this issue as well or perhaps I am the only lucky one? I currently use zero gnome extensions btw.

In the image below, I am connected and playing audio from my UE BOOM 2 speaker, but Gnome still thinks I’m not connected to it even though I am and you’ll also notice that even though I am connected to bluetooth, there is no bluetooth indicator showing in the top right panel of gnome shell.

This sounds like something you could fix with a setting. Not sure, try GNOME-tweaks?

This has happened to me, I have a bluetooth mouse and earpods both are connected but Icon is missing and both show as disconnected in the dropdown. I accidentally disconnected the mouse and had trouble reconnecting as bluetooth asked me to type in a 6 digit number to reconnect. Luckily the mouse can connect on 2 different identities which allowed connection on the other identity. The dropdown still shows mouse not connected when connected.

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Echoing this except for me it was less missing bluetooth icons and more bluetooth just completely fell over. Booting an older kernel version fixes the problem but under the newest kernel bluetooth just refused to spin up seemingly. Very strange.

This is on a Thinkpad T14 AMD Gen 1


please view your journalctl logs and report bugs at The Fedora Bugzilla

journalctl --since today --priority warning | grep blue

add this as info about your hardware

lspci | grep 'Host bridge\|Net\|Communication'     
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fedora updated the kernel to 6.8.4 today or a day ago, when possible see if the bug is fixed

Sadly, kernel 6.8.4 did not fix the issue. It still happens, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t show. Very strange.

Looks like kernel 6.8.5 finally fixed the issue, kernel was updated last night on F39 btw.

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