Bluetooth intermittently stops working in Fedora 40 (GNOME Wayland)


I have noticed that my Bluetooth keyboard will intermittently stop connecting on Fedora 40, often causing an issue where the last received keystroke is applied indefinitely (e.g. writing “fedora” can turn into “feddddd…” because Bluetooth stopped working after the “d” keystroke was received).

It appears that the Bluetooth USB socket becomes unavailable after a while (during active use) for reasons I cannot discern.

The last time this happened (about half an hour ago), trying to open GNOME’s native Bluetooth settings menu caused a systemwide freeze that necessitated a hard reboot.

My journalctl output from this boot is present here, albeit only for 24 hours. Please let me know if there is a longer-lasting way to provide this information. The issue happened around 4PM local time, so the segment of this log from early morning can likely be ignored.

This is a laptop that is generally always on AC power, if that matters.

Please advise if there is any other information I can provide.