Any way to make gnome in silverblue control screen brightness (to also make it auto dim at night)?

Found this driver: ddcci-driver-linux / ddcci-driver-linux · GitLab

but im looking any way that i can rpm-ostree to work out of the box in sb.
Thanks in advance

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That won’t work because it uses dkms. A less invasive approach is to layer ddcutil and use this extension:

To automatically dim at night, you could use the Night Theme Switcher extension and configure custom commands that call ddcutil.


thanks gonna look into this, do you think that “night theme switch” could work something like flux ?

It’s compatible with GNOME’s built-in night light feature. There’s no way to disable the core functionality of changing between light and dark mode though, so if you don’t want that, it won’t help you.

bro, i tested here it worked very well if my monitor attached on hdmi on laptop, but the one attached on usb-c didnt get recognize with the hdmi dongle
is there another alternative or a way in the settings to make it work ?