Are there graphical apps/utilities to change the display hue to reduce blue light?

Hi fellow Asahi Linux Fed39 users,

I’m ordinarily a Mac user, and I’m at the bottom of a steep Linux learning mountain, so please bear with me. I’m looking for a utility or app preferably with a graphical interface allowing me to set a schedule to adjust Gnome’s appearance to reduce the blue hue and increase the warmer colours at night. Does anything like this exist?

Thank you.


As of the current moment, the night color feature is only available in the KDE Plasma builds. This exclusivity stems from the utilization of a distinctive color adjustment method, facilitated through a specialized color transformation matrix. Unfortunately, this unique approach has not been integrated into other desktop environments or window managers at this point in time.

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Under the settings for display there should be a night light setting. After toggling it on you should be able to adjust the hue and the times.

Thanks, Joe and Samil. You’re quite right - under Display (in Settings) there is a Night Shift setting which is greyed out / inaccessible - something about graphics drivers. I suppose it’s a case of being patient. Is this a Fedora / GNome limitation? I’m wondering if a third-party utility would work. Thanks.

Works fine for me in KDE. (Macbook pro m1 14")

I should’ve looked before answering, this needs to be implemented for it to work for Gnome.

Sorry about that.

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If it works in Asahi Linux Fedora KDE, then I’ll just chalk this down to a Gnome limitation for now and hold tight. Thanks all.

Is package redshift what are you looking for ?

Yes, that is the sort of thing. I discovered this app in Software (app store) and it installed fine. Unfortunately, when I launch it, nothing happens. There’s a brief spinning wheel, but nothing ever happens. So, I had no choice but to uninstall it.

I’m not familiar with Asahi, but if I’m not wrong, Gnome comes with its own night/day feature. There are a lot of problems with redshift, with the first one being that the project is dead, because how they say it in their GitHub site:

So i think you need to figure it out how the Nigh Light feature works (Settings->Displays):

Ooops, already discussed. Just ignore my answer.

have a look at iris for linux.

Will do. Thanks.