Any disadvantage from installing beta version then upgrading to final version

similar to

which mentions
which says …
Installing a Beta pre-release of Fedora puts you on the [Branched] release path. There may be some differences from a fresh install because the installer can do certain things slightly differently than the package update system.

Specifically my question is if instead of
upgrade fedora 33 to fedora 34 beta;
upgrade fedora 34 beta to fedora 34 final.
instead you do a
fresh instal of fedora 34 beta then
upgrade to fedora 34 final,
does that remove the above mentioned “differences” caused by the difference between
upgrade and fresh install with anaconda.
So would you end up with exactly the same thing as if you did a fresh install of
fedora 34 final?

If for some reason, you must have the exact version of the GOLD release, one way to get it is install by the GOLD media and never update.

Normally, we will keep systems updated all the time, then both way should provide the same result.

thanks. what is GOLD release?

gold release is ready for manufacturing according to web. i.e. the first publically available or “final” release.

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Also, when using the “netinst” version of the installation media, the default is to install with all the “latest” updates - while there is an option to only install the same “version” as the installation media.


TL;DR: Exactly same thing, No disadvantage!


There may be unresolved bugs that you don’t want to face:
The blocker issues can still present in beta, but should be fixed in the final release.


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