Fedora multiple upgrades seem to not apply all the changes

Hello there!

I have F33 installed on my machine which I am upgrading since 31 (would be F29, but many problems with NVIDIA etc had many tests with F29 and F30). With the changes coming with F34, which I have installed on an external device, I started checking the change of some of the releases. Already on F32 I notice that the change " Cleanup GNOME Hidden Boot Menu Integration" and Enable EarlyOOM on Fedora KDE, for example were not applied.
That kept me wondering if upgrade indefinitely would make you lose some new features on the process. And if as there will be a guide like DNF DNF System Upgrade :: Fedora Docs for those that would be applicable

The “How To Test” guides I followed helped to make the changes. Will those became some kind of doc for those that could have the same problems?

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if you read the changes on what they are adding to fedora 34
some of them say that it cannot be applied automatically during an upgrade so you need to follow “How To Test” just how you did it