Fresh Installation of F33 Beta

I would like to have a fresh installation of Fedora 33 Beta on my laptop so I can have the new Btrfs file system. However, my laptop does not have an optical drive. Are there other ways to have a fresh installation of F33 Beta?

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Hey. The modern way :sweat_smile: to install operating systems is an USB stick/pendrive. Does your laptop has an USB port?

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I tried the fedora media writer but it only has Fedora 32 not Fedora 33 Beta.

Yeah, Fedora 33 is still beta. Fedora Media Writer (FMW) proposes only stable releases.
You should manually download the Fedora 33 beta ISO file. Then in FMW select “custom image”, and select the downloaded ISO file.

You can find the link to download the ISO in this Fedora Magazine article: Announcing the release of Fedora 33 Beta - Fedora Magazine