amdgpu spikes temp

So I didn’t turn on my pc for 2 days. Today i get home from work and turn it on - run a update - it updates to kernel 5.19.4-200 if that makes much of a difference. and then all of a sudden some text flashes in from of me and it shuts down. so i turn my pc back on thinking it was a power flicker- its raining here - not uncommon. And it does it again - so im like what the heck. From just trying to fix my debian system I quickly run journalctl -r -k -b > text.file and transerfer it to my phone before It shuts down again. Come to find out the gpu temps are skyrocking - i confirmed with sensors running as soon as it boots up and gets over 80 degrees on idle within 45 sec. so I shut down. I threw in a different gpu and all in fine. But the gpu in question as a aio cooler attached to it with the fans running on the rad and gpu plate. I took that same gpu but it in another pci-e slot and no temp issues. Anything I can do to trouble shoot or is it my mother board going out? Thanks for any help with this- The pastebin in the journalctl log

Hi Joshua. This will probably get better help over at the Ask Fedora, a sibling site to this one dedicated to troubleshooting and community-based support. (We plan to merge the sites, but it’s taking a while to get things lined up.)

Thanks I’ll do that.