At what GPU tempature does Fedora force a shutdown? [AMD]

Hi everyone, my AMD GPU (RX 6000 series) is causing my system to shutdown during heavy load, when it’s forcing a shutdown I can see clearly it’s doing it because it believes it is overheating. My card usually runs between 50-70c, but the hotspot/junction can hit around 100 which is what I think is causing these shutdowns.
What temperature does Fedora recognize as overheating, and is there a way to change that value?

Thanks for any help!

Maybe this is what you are looking for?: GitHub - sibradzic/amdgpu-clocks: Simple script to control power states of amdgpu driven GPUs

Edit: On server systems, that sort of thing is typically controlled by the BMC: automation - When do Dell PowerEdge servers (R210II and R620) automatically shutdown due to over heating? - Server Fault

Edit: It looks like acpitool might allow you to view your hardware’s thermal trip points:

$ acpitool --help | grep -m 1 thermal
   -t, --thermal      thermal information, including trip_points