GPU Crashes Fedora

Hi there,

I am using an AMD HD 7950 GPU on my system. When it is plugged in I get no issues whatsoever on windows. However when using Fedora I can use the GPU for a little while before it inevitably crashes. The computer freezes and does not respond to anything. I have to do a hard reboot to regain function. With the GPU removed and just using integrated graphics there are no issues. I do get a few mins of use before the crash and it is very repeatable. If it matters I get longer use by just browsing the web etc. then if I play a game (Counter Strike 2). Could this be some sort of driver issue? Power management? I’m not technical enough to know. Would appreciate any help.


Please provide the full details about this GPU. It would seem likely this is driver related. We also need to know what fedora version you are running and if you have the system fully updated.

Here is a link to the exact model. MSI HD 7950 Twin Frozr III Specs | TechPowerUp GPU Database

I’m on F38 and fully updated.

Is this an upgrade to your existing PC?
Have you checked that the power supply is a high enough wattage rating for your GPU?

I see on the link you provided “ Suggested PSU 550 W”.
That link also says released in 2012 which is clearly wrong…

According to searches the HD-7950 GPU was released by AMD January 2012.
That linked page also suggests a minimum of 550W PSU and shows that it has 2 6-pin power connectors that both must be connected for full performance.

Since windows may not stress the GPU as much as fedora, it seems quite possible that power availability could be related.