Amdgpu crash, timeout with amd 7840hs with iGOU radeon 780M on Fedora 39


I have a Beelink GTR7 with AMD 7840hs with Radeon 780M iGPU, samsung 990 pro disk, 2x16 GB DDR5 Kingston Sodimm 5600.
Every now and then there is a problem that the screen goes out, blinks, black, sometimes rolls back to working state, and sometimes I have to hard reset and shut down with the button. After restarting everything is ok.

Signs that it hangs in general can be different, sometimes it blinks, sometimes just a black screen, sometimes just hangs.

I have a Dualboot system with Fastboot turned off in Windows. On Windows like I’ve seen this problem too, but less often, but I sit there less often, but there Windows rolls back itself, maybe not related at all, but just an FYI

KERNEL VERSION: 6.6.12-200.fc39.x86_64, with previous kernels problem was too

LOGS from journalctl:

i am some newbie in linux so sorry if something wrong
i can send other logs if needed
i need like solution for this or just solution how to reset amdgpu without “bad” turn off with button, because twice already I’ve had to restore the system from emergency mode because I turned it off incorrectly.


It’s like it’s not load dependent, happens completely at random points in time

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some people reported some same problem, but there are no specific answer or smth


None yet.

p.s. if needed info i will send more info, just helo me pls thankksss

I have a similar issue, but it’s a “white screen” one. There a plenty of similar reports on Framework forums. This issues should be related that at least white screen/blocks/artificats:

Your “black screen” sounds very much like a “white screen” issue.

I got impression that boot argument amdgpu.sg_display=0 might improve situation, but also the issue might be resolved with v6.7 series kernels. Those are not yet available in Fedora 39.

hey! I ll try thanks
Fedora dont support 6.7 kernels yes?

and just my problem appears in widnows but rarely too, but maybe it is not connected issues idk
Did you see something same on windows too if you have it?

And i think it strange, like why some people see “white screen” problem, and other “black screen problem”

I don’t know if this your issue is connected this “white screen/block/flickering/etc.” situation. I think it’s 6.7 testing week right now thus it’s probably a week or so from landing in stable, but I don’t see it in Bodhi yet.

Thanks for info, I hope it ll solve my problem

From Proposed Common Issues to Ask Fedora

6.7 kernel is already undergoing testing and soon will be available for fedora.

sadly it didnt work :frowning:

one person said it can be problem with iwlwifi

look at this log again Untitled - Pastebin Service