Alternative Download Managers in Silverblue or Kinoite?

Hello guys, it’s me again. As you know, Xtreme Download Manager, which is the best and most popular application for downloading files from the internet [YouTube, TV series sites, etc.] on Linux, works only by installing toolbx. It doesn’t work on rpm-ostree as it is installed in OPT.

So, what other applications are there that can be an alternative to XDM and work integrated with the browser? Can you make suggestions and of course as a flatpak or a layered package.

Thanks for your answers…

:thinking: I believe there already some download manager extensions for Firefox or Chromium base browser and no need to installing it in your system. May be you want to search on your browser extensions market place to find one that suitable for your need.

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Thanks. I installed Video Donload Helper in Firefox. Works great. I have one not related extra question also. Firefox drag and drop option is no longer working with the last update. Do you know why? It is working with X11 but not with Wayland.

:thinking: Did you means dragging file from Nautilus (file explorer) to browser? Mine with Firefox 96.0 in Wayland working fine. I can drag and drop video file from Nautilus to Firefox. Maybe you want to check if there any new update with Firefox.

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No I faced this issue inside Firefox. For example, can’t switch browser tabs between each other, I cannot move any bookmark to any folder in bookmarks. When I hover over a tab, the preview does not appear as information.

I can confirm it working well here with Gnome Wayland Fedora Workstation (native package or flatpak from flathub). I’ll inform you if I have access to my KDE version or maybe you want to open new discussion in case there a solution from other user.

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I restarted the computer now it is working :blush: