All extensions settings are not possible to open

Hi! There is an issue with gjs package, that was fixed 6 days ago, but Silverblue still use old one. If I open any extension settings it closes after several seconds and won’t allow to open settings any more. GJS 1.78.2 causes all Gnome extensions preference settings windows to disappears after 3-7 seconds (#598) · Issues · GNOME / gjs · GitLab

I see the update has been pushed. Please test it out and give karma. it should be promoted to “stable” soon so that all users get it:

(There will generally always be some lag between a bug being fixed and an update being pushed to distributions)

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Great news! I am not sure how to test it, as dnf is not available in Silverblue. I guess I just wait, than. Thanks!

Edit: I found override replace via url and now it is fixed!

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