AlienArena 7.71.2 release

One of the game packages that I maintain in Fedora, alienarena, had a new release.

AlienArena is a pretty cool open source 3d FPS game, it has been around for a while, but many people may not be aware of it. There is a Linux Native client and server package, so if you like FPS games, perhaps give it a try?


Is the Steam source separate from the open source version? I noticed it has Steam achievements but I didn’t see anything in the repository I looked at. I ask because I created Gamerzilla, an open source game achievement system. If a game already has achievements, it generally isn’t that hard to modify it to support Gamerzilla.

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The steam source is included in the open source version, but I don’t build it in that configuration for obvious reasons.

I understand that you don’t build the steam version. Someone has a github copy of the code and I did a search for SetAchievement but it doesn’t find any calls to it. I guess I’ll need to download the source and take a look.

I have the source checked out here and there do not appear to be any SetAchievement calls.

Maybe they do have a different source tree for their steam builds?