AI Survey Questions - What should we be asking?

Hi everyone,

AI is the word of the month/season/year right now and the council is trying to come up with some basic guidelines for the project around AI/ML, but in order to do that, we need to know what our community would like and perhaps even need from AI capabilities in Fedora. So we would like to survey our community on the subject of AI, and I need your help coming up with questions to ask. The questions are completely undefined, so feel free to propose any kind of AI-related questions you think should be included in the Fedora & AI survey.

As a side note, there will be an annual contributors survey during the summer too with a section on AI, but this survey is intended to be a precursor to that and a source of information the council can use when definiing what AI guidelines are for Fedora.

Please pitch me the questions you think are important to ask our community on the subject of AI so I can get this survey created and out as soon as possible! :slight_smile:

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Added ai-ml and removed ai-ml-sig

Should the community accept contributions generated by AI, either partially or completely generated?

Should the community prohibit interactions on mailing lists and forums using messages from an AI assistant?

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What would Fedora require to highlight contributions that involve AI? Code comments, etc. (If you can’t even tell if something was AI generated then asking about it is pointless.)

How does Fedora define AI?

How does Fedora delineate between solving problems with automation and solving problems with AI?

How does Fedora ensure there is a human in the loop for both AI and general Automation?

Should Fedora use existing contributions or new contributions to create or fine-tune their own AI models to solve Fedora problems (e.g. AI chatbot for Discussion FAQs, AI-infused zodbot to make it better at capturing online meetings and producing actual readable summaries, AI assistant for generating spec files, AI models for OpenQA work).


What AI, Where? Do we need AI? Another copilot integration? Discussion only? Inside Fedora? Can we just leave AI opt in/out? What is general purpose of AI? So many questions so little answers

aI is the boom and trend, but at least leave it out of operating systems those who wants AI have options to use it still there

I think this would be an interesting question:

What are some potential applications of AI in Fedora that you would be interested in?

  • Developing AI on Fedora
  • Utilizing large language models for local tasks and code generation
  • Generating images using AI
  • Using a local AI assistant
  • I am not interested in anything AI related

I am not that good with creating the choices for this question because I am not that interested in AI. If someone knows better options or wants to add anything feel free to edit this wiki post.

I think having a more general survey might also be interesting. Would be interesting to see what people use Fedora for and what they would like to see improved. Or does something like that already exist?


Would Fedora consider using AI for content moderation as a potential tool for keeping up with moderating potentially AI-created spam in community spaces if that starts to become a significant drain on the time of the individuals/groups that handle that?

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Can accessibility be improved by AI?

Are more natural-sounding TTS voices desirable or undesirable? See this video from a user who is visually impaired. This user prefers robotic voices as they are more accurate, faster, and just more usable.

On the other hand, I think Mozilla has found a great application for AI with auto-generating alt text for images that don’t have them. Something small that could make a huge difference for visually impaired users. This is a problem that could only be solved by AI, even though it’s a very small, self-contained issue.

Do you think Open Source can make AI/ML technology better and more accessible?

I want to better understand the feelings that someone might have when we talk about “Open Source” and “AI/ML” at the same time. I suspect survey respondents will have strong opinions about both topics. But what happens at the intersection of these topics? Is our contributor community more optimistic or pessimistic toward the outlook? I would like to know this.

I think this is a good question, but probably not a good general survey question. It’s something we should ask of our users and contributors who need or benefit from voice interfaces.

I don’t use these technologies for that (at least, not at this point in my life) but I do for home automation, and one thing to note is that the state of the art in pre-AI open source TTS is quite poor compared to proprietary offerings.

An advantage of using open source AI for this is that we have the opportunity to tune such voices how we like. We can offer more “natural” voices for those who like that, and for those who need something else, adjust parameters so the voice is more like the “robotic” screenreader — fast, but with an even cadence, without trying to interpret tone. And, we can do this in many more languages with better pronunciation than we possibly could with, say, festvox.

But, whatever we do, we should do it in conversation with our users and contributors who rely on the tech.

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Hi folks,

Thank you very much for sharing your ideas on the kinds of questions we need to be asking our community on AI in and with Fedora! Next steps will be to create a survey based on your feedback, and get it out to our community as soon as possible.

For an idea of timelines, as I am travelling to Brno this week to attend, please allow a little flex time, but my goal will be to have this survey ready and launched by Friday 21st June. Your responses to the survey will be instrumental to how Fedora approaches and adopts AI so when it becomes available, please do take some time to fill it out.

Thanks again everyone, I really appreciate your time and ideas and look forward to our next steps :slight_smile: