Fedora Ops Architect Weekly

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Welcome to my weekly (kind -of) little report on stuff ‘n’ things happening around Fedora!


The Fedora Linux 40 release party was amazing! This time around we used Matrix and Restream/Youtube and the event went very smooth – kudos to everyone involved, from our brilliant speakers to our behind-the-scenes organizers. You can watch the talks now on youtube, all conveniently broken down into individual talks 🙂

Fedora Week of Diversity is set for June 17th – 22nd this year. There will be interviews from community members publishing throughout the week with the main event happening on June 21st & 22nd, so make sure to mark your calendars!

Devconf.cz is just around the corner, June 13th – 15th, so if you are giving a talk that’s fedora-related at the event, please add your name to our coordination wiki. You can also join the matrix room too to connect with other folks who will be at the event to meet for a coffee/walk/beer/run – and maybe not in that order, or all together.

Flock to Fedora is set for August 7th – 10th in Rochester, NY, USA. Notifications for talk acceptances should be landing in your in inboxes any day now, if not already, so do keep an eye out and check your spam folder(s) just in case they end up there.


Congratulations to all of our elected candidates for EPEL Steering Committee, Fedora Council, Fedora Mindshare and FESCo! You can read more about our election results from the Elections blog post that landed earlier today.

Fedora Linux 41

We are now fully into development for F41, so here are some important dates for change proposals, with other key dates and milestones can be found on the release schedule.

  • June 19th – Changes requiring infrastructure changes
  • June 25th – Changes requiring mass rebuild
  • June 25th – System Wide changes
  • July 16th – Self Contained changes

Announced Changes

Changes awaiting FESCo decision

A full list of the current F41 accepted changes can be found by visiting the Change Set page.

Hot Topics

There’s a few this week, but your opinion matters so please take some time to complete and weigh in on the following:

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