After upgrading to Fedora 37, there is a grey patch on left and right side of the windows title bar

As shown in the image,

After upgrading to Fedora 37, there is a grey patch on the left and right side of the window’s title bar. I tried changing themes but the patch remains the same.

Which app is that.? I do not see it on any of my apps, and that looks like it might possibly be an image from nautilus file manager in full screen. I do not see the grey bar on either windowed or full screen.

I don’t see that in nautilus. Do you have a shell extension or custom theme installed?

@qulogic @computersavvy
There are no custom themes active. I have reverted back to the default theme. Materia theme was active before the upgrade.

Yes, I do have some shell extensions installed as below




nautilus-python python3-gobject (Dependencies for below git extension)

It only occurs in Files Application(Nautilus), the rest of the apps don’t show the grey bar. See below

I removed the extensions and all custom themes from the system. Still, it remains the same.

Did you apply any changes in GNOME Tweaks?

Yes, I have some tweaks in I have defaulted it already, no change.

As you have a Shell option in Tweaks, that means you have the User Themes extension enabled, at least. Please try disabling that as well.

Yes, I did that already, Unfortunately, it didn’t resolve the issue.
I just reinstalled fedora 37 to resolve the issue.

I experienced the same issue and solved it. This thread marked as solved but its not an efficent way to reinstall the entire system to solve a theme problem. It popped out on my google search and I’m writing my resolve in order to help people if there is anyone experiencing the same problem.

It’s probably caused by using Gradience in Fedora 36 and updating on top of that. Install Gradience again (if you removed) and reset applied theme.