After latest updatemy trackball became useless - due to hardware failure

I just did an update and now I have no pointer control. At the GDM login screen, if I unplug then re plugin my trackball I get pointer control back until I am logged in at which time it disappears again. I think this is a Gnome issue, though I didn’t notice Gnome specific updates pending before I did the update. Any ideas?

sudo dnf history info last

Hello @grumpey ,
That scrolls by a long list of changes which is difficult to see without a mouse to scroll back it would seem. Even loging in and commenting here is an education in keyboard use of a browser. I sort of assumed udev rules were changed since my device shows up with lsusb. Aren’t tyhe pointers and keyboard that connect via usb setup using a udev rule?

So it turns out to be the trackball. :sob:

Although it is apparent hardware failure at some level, the mouse is identified correctly by the OS it just isn’t producing any events. This would seem to mean the usb port functions of the mouse are working, but the sensor data is not being xmitted I guess.