Mouse tracking broke by latest FC-36 update

A dnf update (5/26/2022) to FC36 broke my wireless mouse’s ability to track on regular surfaces where it has always worked (eg, on my wooden desk, etc). very strangely, it works on pant fabric! very strange. I seem to need a mouse pad or some such for it to function properly. Logitech M510. Battery is fine. It worked great until the dnf update finished then just lost its ability to detect movement on most surfaces. A reboot did not help. anyone else seeing this?

That’s a strange behavior. Do you have another pc or laptop to test the mouse? Just to be sure that it isn’t the mouse that is having a (hardware) problem.

I used to logitech mouse M545/M546 don’t have problem with system update or kernel update. I’ve updated to the lastest kernel in Fedora 36.

Maybe you just try to boot to old kernel before current kernel to test your mouse is working properly or not?

Personally, I’d expect a system update to be the least likely cause of your mouse’s difficulties. Remember, just because it happened just after the update doesn’t mean that the update probably caused it. Most likely, it’s just a matter of bad timing.

Tracking issues such as you describe seem to often be related to the mouse itself. Low battery or dirt around the led or sensor. I assume you’ve checked that already.

Dave -

Tx for your reply.
Well, this is embarrassing…and interesting as well.

I did ‘clean’ around the sensor, which was of no help.
The Linux application Solaar informed me that Mouse battery was ‘good’.
Sadly, I believed it and did not try changing the 2 AAs that power the mouse before I sent out the email to ‘Ask Fedora’.

So, today I swapped out the batteries for 2 new AAs and…Eureka! the mouse now works fine.
So shame on me.

However, I ran Solaar again and it is identifying the wireless Keyboard battery as ‘full’ and the mouse battery as merely ‘good’. That is, it seems to be confusing the two peripherals! No idea how that can be, In any case, I now have a properly working mouse. Sigh… guess i better change my Keyboard battery as well…

Tx again,

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Joe - Tx for feedback. see my reply to Dave Buck if you want a giggle…

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It doesn’t matter. Glad it is solved :wink:

Glad to hear your issue is resolved. Welcome to the “embarrassing moments” club. I have years of learning based on years of embarrassing moments, so I consider it one of the best ways to learn!
Please mark your issue as resolved so that others can benefit from your experience.

Oke siap. You’re welcome.