Adding bash scripts to dock in Gnome

I just switched to Gnome after running Mate for years, I have installed the dash-to-dock extension and have been trying to add Midnight Commander to the dock. I have tried two different desktop files in ~/.local/share/applications and encounter the same problem with both. One runs a script in my home directory which calls xterm with the -e parameter to call mc. In that one, I set terminal to false. The other calls /usr/bin/mc and terminal is set to true. Both work, but the dock highlights the appropriate terminal icon in the dock in each case making it impossible to pin mc to the dock. Any ideas ?

Can you use super+a and right click on your application and pin to dash?

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Because the app is midnight commander, super + a just gives me a string of a’s on the mc command line. The actual problem is I can’t pin MC to the dock with an mc icon as the dock just highlights the term program being used to run mc.

I was referring to super+a in Gnome Shell to show all applications, and then right clicking and pin to dash.

I can pin that to the dash and it uses the correct icon, however when it is run it switches to the terminal icon.

I see the problem now. I was logged into Gnome Classic so I had no “show all applications”. I re-logged in to plain jane Gnome did what you suggest and solved the problem. Now the dock in all versions of Gnome shows the apps I want with the proper icons. I far as I can see, there is no way of doing the same thing in Gnome Classic. All you can do is pin regular GUI type apps. Although the dock looks like Plank, it’s more difficult to get what you want on it. Thanks a lot for the suggestion!!

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