Abrt requests api key - what should I put there?

Abrt cannot report a crash any more. I get this message:

fatal: RPC failed at server. The API key you specified is invalid. Please check that you typed it correctly.

Is the key just the four digit number?

IIRC previously, I just provided my Bugzilla credential.

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This alert appears when you log in on Red Hat Bugzilla Main Page see blue box.

If you use the APIs then you should read the API Authentication changes announcement before your access is blocked on the 14th of March.


The first time this happens, the abrt gui should show you a dialog asking you to enter the Bugzilla API key, which would have a link in it. This takes you to Red Hat Bugzilla, where under “user preferences” you can generate an API key with a single click.


I also note that we can now log in to Bugzilla either using separate Bugzilla credentials, or our Fedora accounts (the ones we use to login to this forum etc.)

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I have the same problem. It feels like the key itself is missing (hidden), because only the Key ID is visible in the Red Hat Bugzilla web interface (on the API Keys tab).

So the question is: when Reporting Tools is asking for the API Key, what value should I fill in ?

You are reporting on a 5 Month old Request. My link above unfortunately not works anymore.
As I remember it said something that the API changed … So i guess your API Key is not valid anymore.

Best you try to create a new one and use the new to see if it works.

How long is it since you created your API key in Bugzilla?

I did it the following way in the end:

  1. Go to Log in to Red Hat Bugzilla
  2. Check the checkbox in front of " Generate a new API key with optional description"
  3. Optionally give a description
  4. Click Submit Changes
  5. A red banner appears with the key you have to use. You cannot access this key any more after you leave this page.
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For this it says, while creating the Key, save the generated key on a save place.

As example a software like KeePassXC:

Use the ID as Username and the key it self as the password. And the optional description from the RH Bugzilla page should help to remind where you used your API Key or for what you created it.

This way RH Bugzilla hands you over the responsibility to save the personal security data on a save place.

If you loose the key, forgot it or simply not use it animore, you should revoke it on the RH Bugzilla page.

Existing API keys

You can update the description, and revoke or unrevoke existing API keys here.

A key that has been banned has been permanently disabled by an admin, please contact the site admins to enquire about why this has happened.

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It’s not a bad idea to generate a fresh key for each Fedora install. That way if a device gets stolen, you can revoke it without having to update all of your other Fedora devices. This is generally good advice for API authorizations and app passwords in general.