About the Package Review Swaps category

A place to post your package reviews together with an offer to review another community member’s package, this section is available to existing Fedora contributors and packagers.

It is a great way to accelerate package reviews by lending each other a hand.

How it works

If you have a package to review and you are offering to review another packagers package in return follow these steps:

  1. Scan the category for any posts that have not been marked as “Solved” and see if they include a package that you would be able to review in return. A different selection of unsolved requests are shown at the top of the category each day.
  2. If there is no unsolved review swap that matches your criteria go ahead and create a new post in this category using the template shown below.
  3. Wait for another packager to reply to your package review swap request. Packagers can reply to your topic by posting the information on the review they are looking to swap using the same template.
  4. Let the other packager know whether you agree to move ahead with the swap. There can be reasons you may not want to move ahead with a particular swap (e.g. the review requires knowledge of certain areas of the Packaging Guidelines you are not yet comfortable with or the review being offered is too complex for you to take on at this time). That is okay. Just let the packager know that you are unable to move ahead with their offer so that they can then go ahead and create their own post, if they wish.
  5. Once you have accepted a swap please mark the topic as “Solved” by checking the box on the reply by the other packager posting their review information. The post will be closed 48h after the post was marked as solved.

Post Template

Feel free to add additional information beyond this basic information if you think it’s useful.


RHBZ#2215187 Review Request: gensio - General Stream I/O


Bugzilla #2215187

Description: C library for stream I/O. I need this in order to update the extremely outdated ser2net in Fedora to the current upstream version.
Complexity: Medium

Markdown Source
[Bugzilla #2215187](https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2215187)

**Description**: C library for stream I/O. I need this in order to update the extremely outdated [`ser2net`](https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/ser2net) in Fedora to the current upstream version.
**Complexity**: Medium

You can self-assess the complexity of your package review. It is just an indication for anyone interested of what they may be getting themselves into. You can use a scale of low, medium or high.

Most of the information you need for the post can be easily copied from your package review in Bugzilla or through the Cached Package Review Tracker.


This post is a Wiki. Feel free to edit it to add clarification or other information you find useful for first time visitors of this category.

Quick suggestion, how about creating tags for different languages/build formats, e.g. autotools, cmake, python, etc. Also for complexity