Package Review Swap Thread

We could set this topic to have a timer to delete old replies after a certain amount of time to clean things up. Alternately, we could create a dedicated category in Team Workflows, so each request could be an individual topic without adding clutter.


Having a workflow would be neat. I don’t really expect this topic to be high traffic. But I think Discourse could allow for a dynamic and visibility that we couldn’t get on the mailing list.


If there are at least two people interested, I’ll set up a workflow topic and we can see how it goes. We can add a link to that to the info for the package-maintainers tag, and if it seems to be working, more widely.


A post was split to a new topic: Review Request: gamerzillagobj - Gamerzilla GObject Introspection Library

See Package Review Swap Thread - #5 by dulsi

… what do you think, everyone? Should I set up the workflow category for this?

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I think it would be great. Maybe It’ll help move some stuff along. We’d have to advertise it a bit on the other channels, though, to get some more momentum.


Cool, give me a bit to set it up.

I am going going to set it up so that it is muted by default for most people, but set to “watching” for anyone in the @packager group. (Which is not yet populated but will be soon!)


If you could add traffic and get someone willing to review swap, that’d be great. Been thinking of joining the devel list for a limited time to try to get a review swap but haven’t had the time.


Let me know when you’ve done this and I’ll make a Community Blog post for it.


Cool. I have some other stuff I need to get done today but I’ll probably have some procrastination moments where I can fit it in :slight_smile:

This is now in place: Package Review Swaps

@heffer, I’ve made you the owner of the “about this category” post at About the Package Review Swaps category — can you edit that with … basically what you wrote here, except expanded to “one topic per review”? (I’ve also made it a wiki, so the barrier for anyone else editing it is low. Let me know if you’d prefer to not be the post owner!)

I’ve configured a few things:

  • topics can be marked as “solved”, and if marked solved will be closed 48 hours after the last post
  • a handful of open topics will be bumped to the top of the category daily
  • I’ve made it so everyone can see the category, but only members of the @packager and @fedora-contributor groups can post. (I’m not set on this, but it seems like it might reduce mis-directed posts.)
  • the category is Muted by default, but I’ve made it so that members of @packager will have it set to Watching.

The change to tracking/notification status happens when one joins the Discourse group (which is fed on a timer from FAS). It can be changed after the fact, and isn’t retroactive, so I’ve temporarily kicked everyone out of @packager on the Discourse side. The group sync should put that back shortly, at which point the category should appear for all packagers.

@dulsi, do you want me to move your post to the new category?

Nice! This is great. I don’t mind being the post owner and I like the idea of it being a wiki.

I’ve added a first version of what I think should go in that post. Feel free to take a look.

One thing I was wondering, process wise, was whether the setting of the “solved” status should be after a swap has been agreed to (this is what I’m thinking right now) or when the two reviews are complete and both sides held up their end of the bargain.
The latter would be necessary if the author cannot mark a post “unsolved” and reopen it to put it back in the pool and/or provide feedback if a review swap falls through after the fact for any reason.

Other than that I think the settings you made are reasonable and I’m looking forward to how they will be received by the community.

Thanks for putting this together.

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Looks great to me!

Post authors will be able to uncheck “solved” — but that won’t reopen those that got closed. We could do two things about that:

  1. Tell people to just start a new topic if that happens.
  2. Turn off the auto-close feature (which also implies turning off the auto-bump feature).

I don’t know how successful we will be at getting people to use the “solved” feature overall, really.

Oh, also! We can actually create per-category post templates. So I’m going to copy the template you suggested from that post into the configuration for that.

No, wait, it’s more of an example than a template. But, if you (or anyone else!) does have something in new-post template form, I can put that in place.

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Community Blog article prepped. I also opened a PR for the packager docs.

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Thanks for the reminder to update my Fedora Wiki page :sweat_smile:

I like the article. Short and to the point.

I’ve moved the one swap post out of this thread to the category. I’m going to edit the OP here so it is not confusing — and @heffer it looks like you got your package reviewed, so I’ll just remove that part. Correct me if I’m wrong!

Thanks. I’ve been meaning to come back here but haven’t had a chance.

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Apparently this was a little too enthusiastic. I’ve changed this (and, retroactively) to “tracking”. I think we should encourage packagers to set this to at least “watch first post” though!

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