A new way to find a package reviewer

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Package reviews are an important part of how Fedora delivers well-built RPMs. When one contributor wants to add a new package, another packager has to check it first. It’s how we all hold each other to the high standard we’ve set for ourselves. Of course, that means to add a new package to the repos, you first have to find someone to do the review. Last week, I added a new way to do that: the Package Review Swaps category on Fedora Discussion. Huge thanks to Felix Kaechele for the idea and initial process design.

How it works

Look for posts in the category not been marked as “Solved”. If you find one that has a package you can review, post in the topic to let the other person know.

If you can’t find a match, create a new post using the template in the category description. When another packager replies to you, decide if their package is a match. If it is, mark the topic “Solved” and it will automatically close after 48 hours.

More details are available in the category description.

Other ways to swap

This isn’t the only way to find a review swap partner. You can still post review swap requests to the devel mailing list. You can also look at the open review requests in the Package Review Tracker.


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