About the Common Issues category

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Commonly-encountered problems for current releases of Fedora Linux, and (if available) fixes or workarounds for these issues. Look at these first, before filing a bug. Use the tags to narrow down the list to a particular Fedora version or some specific area.


Because this category is meant to help people find solutions fast, we do not allow general discussion here. However, many common issues include a link to a standalone discussion topic, or show links to user-created topics. If a particular common issue has no such links, create a new topic in Ask Fedora and link to the common issue in your description, they will be automatically linked together.

Nominating Issues

If there’s a serious issue that seems to affect a large number of Fedora users, but it’s not currently listed as a common issue, you can suggest a new entry in the Proposed Common Issues category. Please make sure to read the About post for that category first.


Entries for previous Fedora Linux releases will be moved to Archived Common Issues , unless they also affect a current release.