[2018-11-21] Reading the Fedora 30 crystal ball



Hi all! This week’s CommOps meeting recently came to an end. This week, almost all of our discussion focused around what we want to accomplish in the Fedora 30 release cycle. The full meeting minutes are below, but a new thread will be created to share what we’re thinking and open up a chance for feedback.

Thanks everyone for coming out! For those celebrating, have a happy Thanksgiving. :turkey: :shallow_pan_of_food:

Meeting ended Wed Nov 21 18:03:49 2018 UTC.

#fedora-commops: Fedora CommOps (2018-11-21)

Meeting started by jwf at 17:06:30 UTC. The full logs are available here.

Meeting summary

Meeting ended at 18:03:49 UTC.

Action Items

  • commops New members, please introduce yourself on the CommOps
    Discourse [ https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/c/project/commops ]
  • bt0 Complete a first draft of new CommOps docs page on suggested
    Pagure tags (due: post-FAW, revisit later)
  • jwf Archive CommOps mailing list
  • jwf Start a new Discourse thread to solicit feedback on F30 planning

Action Items, by person

People Present (lines said)

  • @jwf (169)
  • tg-fedcommops (36)
  • @JohnMH (18)
  • zodbot (13)
  • @dhanesh95 (7)
  • bpabon (3)
  • VibroMax (3)
  • commops-watch_ (2)
  • commops-bot (1)
  • @bt0dotninja (0)
  • dhanesh95 (0)
  • commops (0)
  • x3mboy (0)

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Secret plans revealed: what CommOps hopes to accomplish in Fedora 30 release cycle