1 C++, 1 Java, and 3 OCaml reviews

I need 4 new packages to update various other packages to their latest upstream versions:

I am happy to do reviews in exchange.

Hi folks. Still looking for reviewers. If you don’t have any packages that need reviewing right now, ask me to do some other favor of comparable complexity for you.

I still need reviewers. I’m still willing to swap reviews or take on some other task of similar complexity for you.

The list just got 1 longer. Now I need reviews for the following. I am still willing to swap reviews or other tasks of comparable complexity.

The qsopt-ex review is complete, and the JUnitParams bug is assigned. I still need reviews for the 3 OCaml packages. Don’t let the fact that they are written in OCaml scare you. You don’t need to understand the code. You just need to verify that the packaging guidelines are followed. Please help me out here. I am willing to do something for you, either a package review or some other task of comparable complexity.

I am still looking for reviewers for the JUnitParams package and all 3 OCaml packages. Please help me out. I’ll do something for you in return.

@mattdm, this method of finding reviewers is not working for me. I NEVER had to beg for 3 weeks on the mailing list to find a reviewer. For a few days, yes, but never for this long. I’m about to give up on discussion.fedoraproject.org for this purpose and go back to the mailing list.

4 of the 5 are done and built in Rawhide. The JUnitParams review is in progress. Thanks everyone!

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