Yubikey FIDO2 not working on F40 beta

Tried multiple guides and installs, but unable to get my Yubikey FIDO2 working on F40 Workstation Beta.

Here’s what I have tried on multiple clean installs:

Upon doing:

[…]$ authselect current
Profile ID: sssd
Enabled features:

  • with-pam-u2f

It does not show - with-pam-u2f

Also, if I somehow install the authselect with-pam-u2f module (I forgot how I installed it) and run the following:

[…]$ sudo authselect select sssd with-pam-u2f

WiFi immediately becomes broken, and I have no way to connect after I log in to Gnome. Furthermore, regardless of if I run sudo or try logging into Gnome, I never get prompted to enter my u2f credentials or tap my Yubikey. Thoughts?

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