Transfer yubikeys setup from desktop Fedora 41 KDE spin to laptop Fedora 40 Gnome Workstation

After a day spent figuring out how to setup my yubikeys on my desktop, I finally got everything working!!! :party: Now I’d like be able to use them on my laptop. Do I have to do everything from scratch again or is there a way to do it easily? My Desktop is running Fedora 41 KDE spin and my laptop is running Fedora 40 Gnome workstation.

Also I’d like to thank @drmckay and @w4tsn for the Fedora Magazine articles on how to set it all up!

only thing I’d like to add is in article #2 how too create a key. I was struggling hard at that spot till I found this PFD. lol

// To Create Key
fido2-token -S /dev/hidraw0

// To change PIN
fido2-token -C /dev/hidraw1