Libfido2 for webauthn in Fedora 37 - NFC not working


i’m trying to migrate from windows 10 to Fedora. I’ve set up a seperate SSD with Fedora and doing multi-boot at the moment. I’m very pleased with the whole look, feel and the applications in Fedora (running the KDE Spin).
The only thing that is keeping me from purging windows as main OS is the problem i have with yubikey nfc function:
I use my yubikey for several webauthn Sites in Firefox. Also and most important is that my vaultwarden vault is secured with webauthn via yubikey. All of this works normal when plugging in the yubikey 5c NFC via USB. But for convenience i bought myself a HID Omnikey Reader and use NFC since then, which works flawlessly under windows.
After a bit of research i found out that the library libfido2 is responsible for all of the yubikey things. In this github issue it is mentioned about 3 years ago that experimental NFC-Support has been implemented for Linux (Android support · Issue #247 · Yubico/libfido2 · GitHub).
Can someone tell me how i can activate that support for the library in fedora? And also does someone know if there is a chance to get that included as fully working and not “experimental”?
I don’t know if this is the right place to ask my question. Maybe i should open an issue in that github, but i first wanted to know if all my assumptions regarding libfido2 in Fedora are right.
I holp you can help me.
Thank you in advance.