YouTube channel is doing great

We have awesome stats from YouTube, between the podcast and Flock we have a lot of views.

Awesome work team!


I’ve been putting a lot of effort since I got access to it, it feels good to see it being recognized! :party:


Kudos to the Marketing Team and especially @steiner for all of the amazing work with our YouTube lately. :tada: Even inside Red Hat, my colleagues mention our social presence and how much Fedora is rocking it. I tell them it is a community effort and that we have an amazing group of folks in our Marketing Team who make the magic happen. :sparkles:

Oh, this is a good find. I’m a new community member and listening to the just-uploaded recorded talks from Flock 2023 while running today should give me some background on what the community is focusing on right now. Thanks.

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I watch it all the time! Thank you very much for all of the team’s efforts!

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