Xxorg-x11-drv-nouveau Unexpected System Error

I just installed Fedora36 on my laptop (dualbooting it with Win11) and every time I turn on the laptop I get a notification that reports the error in the title
In the description of the report, it says:

The backtrace does not contain enough meaningful function frames to be reported. 
It is annoying but it does not necessarily indicate a problem with your computer. 
ABRT will not allow you to create a report in a bug tracking system but you can contact kernel maintainers via e-mail.

I’m not a linux expert and the only thing I understand is that it’s related to Nvidia drivers (my laptop has an NVIDIA RTX 3050 GPU in addition to the intel integrated one) but I have zero idea about how to solve this.

Did it happened to someone else? What should I do?

(If you need any other information to help me just ask, I’ll reply as soon as possible)


Hi @elodran, welcome to the community. Please take a look at the introductory posts in the #start-here category if you haven’t had a chance to do so yet.

If it says “nouveau”, that’s the open source Nvidia driver that Fedora ships with by default. It’s possible that it doesn’t support your hardware as well as it should (or has some bug) that causes this abrt warning. If you’re not seeing any crashes etc., you can ignore this. It will hopefully be fixed in the future.

Another solution is to switch to using the Nvidia proprietary drivers as noted here:


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So NVIDIA drivers aren’t automatically installed with Fedora?

Because I saw the Launch using Discrete Graphic Card option right-clicking on the installed programs and I thought they were already installed…

They shouldn’t be—Fedora is a Free/Open Source Software project and does not (can not) ship proprietary software. See:


It’s possible you installed the Nvidia drivers using the Gnome Software Center, though. It allows you to enable third party repositories and one of them is the RPM Fusion repository for the Nvidia driver:


You can check:

rpm -qa \*kmod\*

Ok they weren’t installed…

I installed them using sudo dnf install akmod-nvidia and rebooted my laptop: I got a a Kernel taint report the first time (that if I understood it right it’s normal because nvidia drivers aren’t open-source nor integrated in the kernel…) and then the error seems to be gone. I’ll wait few days to see if everything works and then close the thread as solved, thank you!

Btw, on rpmfusion docs I’ve read about xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-cuda, can I install them if I’m using Wayland too? Or would I need to switch to X11 to use them?

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