Xorg-x11-drv-nouveau is driving (pun intended) me insane

Hello, I’ve just installed Fedora and I keep getting this same error everytime and it’s driving me insane. I’m a sociologist, so not very familiar with computer stuff. I understand that the error is related to a driver for the NVIDIA MX150 graphics card that my notebook came with. I do not use advanced graphical things, so the iGPU is absolutely fine for me. Yes yes, I’ve done some research prior to coming here. But it is certainly a hassle to load that proprietery nvidia driver and do not want to mess with that bad boy. Just want to keep my good wold open driver. As long as it loads properly. Please, you brave linux soldiers, help me!

By the way, I think that you may require more information to understand what’s going on. I’ll be happy to provide it per your request.