XnView MP no access to external file systems

Hi I’ve been looking to find a way to allow XnView MP to access file systems on external devices and/or network shares but I’ve yet to find a solution to the issue. I’m guessing the issue is related to permissions as I can access the internal filesystem just fine but external drives mounted through the native disk/filesystem tool are invisible in the filesystem explorer of XnView.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Hello @vectorm12 ,
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Are you using this as a flatpak? I assume you refer to portable storage devices such as USB HDD’s/SSD’s and memory sticks. Generally I can let most USB connected storage devices just get auto discovered and mounted for access with full control. Provided caveat would be permissions of the content and even access to the device (like if it was encrypted I mean).
Is the native tool Nautilis? The default file manager in Gnome Desktop?

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Hi Stephen, Yes I believe I’m using it as a flatpack. I followed instructions on how to add XnView MP to the application manager using flatpack.

All devices I use in my workflow are encrypted with LUKS and ext4 being the file system used. However I’m seeing the same issue with traditional non-encrypted filesystems as well. For example adding a FAT32/ext4 usb-stick will behave no different from the other volumes.

I’m using GNOME Disks to manage the external drives, and the Gnome File file system explorer.

Hi, I found my external drives under run/media/ at the root level