Xbox gamepad no connect

It can’t find my wireless xbox controller. No matter how much I try to search for devices, it does not detect the remote among the listed devices. In other operating systems it works correctly and appears in the list normally, I don’t know if there is a problem with version 39 or with Gnome 45. Regards

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I own several Xbox controllers ( Xbox360 wired/XboxOne wired/wireless XboxSeriesX wireless/usb ) Which one do you have?

  • Is it an official Microsoft Xbox controller
  • Is it an off brand which works like an Xbox controller?
  • If wireless, does it have a usb dongle?
  • Checked Batteries?
  • XboxSeries controllers can be used directly through USB, make sure you have a good cable.

Please test this : Update the system dnf update Leave your controller plugged in and reboot the system. An Xbox controller will vibrate when the system is rebooted and the light will turn on, and Off brand Xbox Controller will light up in the Large middle button. There is no menu or dialog box for the controller unless you have other software for it. In Steam the controller should be recognized.

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Yes, with cable it works, but the one I have is wireless, and does not detect the device when doing the search in the Bluetoth.

I have also tried buying the Microsoft Wifi receiver, the receiver recognizes me as a Wi -Fi antena, but the command is not connected either.

My problem is that with wireless command I cannot play because there is no way to detect it.

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That I remember . . . ( I am not currently able to test for you ) The Xbox wireless controllers do not show up in Gnome Settings Bluetooth because it was using a usb dongle. To use it through bluetooth you will need something like xpadneo and follow the instructions for Fedora.

The other project section can help cover this.

You are super close to get it all working, good luck. I’m off till tomorrow morning.


there’s a copr repo for xpadneo and xone you can use for this as well to get both if you need :