Wrong keyboard layout in appimage

hi all,
a couple of days ago, i switched from ubuntu 20.04 to fedora 34. everything is working fine except of one single appimage. i need a german keyboard layout for my work, but in this app (a commercial layout software) is obviously made use of an US layout. furthermore, ALT-GR is not working for inserting sepcial characters.
another appimage i use does not have this problem.
on the other hand, the appimage works fine with ubuntu.
does anyone have a hint for me how i could solve this problem?
thank you in advance!

additional note: it works as expected when i choose gnome xorg oder classic at login
so it seems to be related to gnome 40 or wayland?

Since it works with gnome classic then I suggest you file a bug with the gnome developers about the issue with gnome 40.

okay, i will!
In the meanwhile, i also informed the app’s developer … hope it helps.
Thank you!