Writing in Hebrew on gnome. behavior of the cursor and other annoying problems

Hey, I use fedora 34, gnome.
When writing in Hebrew, which is a Right to Left language, a few things are very annoying.
for example, the cursor on a Hebrew text moves Left when I press Right and vice versa.
When finishing a sentence in Hebrew with a sign (, . ‘:’) the sign will jump to the beginning of the sentence meaning to the most right side of the sentence, this is indeed the end of an English sentence but not in Hebrew…
This is an example:
אני כותב משפט בעברית.
Here the point at the end of the sentence should be on the left.
אני כותב משפט בעברית. שלום עולם
Here you can see if I add another character after the sign, it keeps its place.

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Perhaps this is related to this post:

]$ localectl
System Locale: LANG=en_US.UTF-8
VC Keymap: us
X11 Layout: us

Perhaps you also need to install the ‘imsettings’ package as in the post i mentioned.

Otherwise have a look the documentation on changing your system locale and keyboard configuration:

Thanks you.
I already have Hebrew as an option and have no problem alternating between en to he.
The link you sent talk about X11, I use weylan is it relevant?

Not sure, but as far as i know wayland also uses ibus, which you can control using the ‘imsettings’ package.

imsettings-cinnamon.x86_64 : Cinnamon support on imsettings
imsettings-devel.i686 : Development files for imsettings
imsettings-devel.x86_64 : Development files for imsettings
imsettings-gsettings.x86_64 : GSettings support on imsettings
imsettings-libs.i686 : Libraries for imsettings
imsettings-libs.x86_64 : Libraries for imsettings
imsettings-lxde.x86_64 : LXDE support on imsettings
imsettings-mate.x86_64 : MATE support on imsettings
imsettings-qt.x86_64 : Qt support on imsettings
imsettings-xfce.x86_64 : Xfce support on imsettings
imsettings-xim.x86_64 : XIM support on imsettings

witch one should I install?
I do not use cinnamon