Writing goals

Hi all, as a documentation lover, I thought setting goals for writing on the first week of 2024 should keep pace with goals. Here is my take on this.

What will I write for and about?

Quick Docs

Foundations on Linux audio
Setting up external audio device
Troubleshooting audio issues (taken from top 10 questions and answers in Ask Fedora)
Optimizing audio settings for better recording quality
How to measure round-trip latency

Contributor guide

Writing user documentation on multiple repos and Git forge, not causing you to sweat :slight_smile:

IoT and Kinoite User documentation



My experience for hosting online tutorial courses with 100% Free and Open source software only

How can I maintain a habit of writing no matter what?

Weekly Docs Office Hour (After FOSDEM)

Justin, Peter and I chatted on this idea in Docs Matrix room before year-end holiday.

Below is my idea board.

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