Setting New Year's Resolutions ^^

Hi all, we’ll soon immediately be leading up to the festive season and yes it is time to relax and restore.
I wanted to ask what your New Year’s Resolutions will be. Here is mine. If I can achieve a half of them, I’ll be a happy person :slight_smile:

Keep calm and write on
I try to make improvements for one article every week. I’ll focus on user documentation rather than contributor guide. A flow state for me is when I stay offline, close a door and open up a text editor (my choice is Kate). What matters is not the number of commits or badges for me. Increase of viewers and user feedback (survey) matter more than commits.

Get in the zone once a week to allocate 80% of my contributions for writing and reviewing user documentation. I selected three user Docs repos - Quick Docs, IoT and Kinoite user docs.

Meeting and working in person
I feel quickly drained if I work like a lone writer with no interactions and go radio silence. I’ll attend a local FOSS event to meet with Fedorians. I earmarked one in UK (February 2024) and Devconf CZ (June 2024).

Docs Book Club
Books are restorative fuel for reviewers and writers. I want to share a long-term review on selected books on UX writing and Git for writers.

Don’t complain about tools and UX
Roll up my sleeves and get on with it (writing :slight_smile: ). I will try not to fret over minute details. I will keep my personal preference to heart.

Improve English
My written English needs improvement to write clear message and sound authentic. The hardest part for me is synchronous communication in non-voice channels like Chat/IRC group chat.

I feel comfortable with voice and in person communication.

Fedora Classroom
I want to contribute to the Fedora Classroom tutorial.

Share yours. Don’t be shy. Resolutions are often ambitious. C’est la vie.

Have a wonderful festive holiday. :boom: :tada: :party:


Especially these two are on my list, too. Looking forward to arrive in the London area to improve/foster both!

You, too !!! :partying_face:

Which one? Might be nice to meet up with more blue-hatters :smile:

As for me; my main one is getting myself better organized. I half-ass my Emacs org-mode PKIM setup and it’s really about time I get everything together.

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Hi, I signed up with State of Open Conference for two days in person.

Check this link to get a free ticket and a local meetup.

Ah it’s always London :frowning:

I’ll have to see if I can convince work to fund my travel haha, nice schedule though!

I guess the Fedora-specific meetup we currently plan [1] will be mostly in London, but generally, there is neither a decision where to do the first one nor do we have fixed where future meetings will take place. The place could be chosen dynamically and may change. I think we have already identified that several people are from the area west and south-west of London. So making a meetup in that area from time to time might be a possibility, too. So everything is open and possible at the moment. Feel free to add your preferences to the related topic [1].

[1] Local meetup London - 2024

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Starting tomorrow, I’ll only be watching movies in 4K (that’s my New Year’s resolution).


I think for me:

  1. Make more time for health and fitness. Getting outside, walking more, and working out. I want to be physically fit and ideally finish my 30 day abs challenge app!
  2. Spend less time at work. I have other activities I want to spend more time in (like Fedora) and instead of spending all my time fussing at work I want to choose to more productive things that are beneficial for me.
  3. Be outdoors as much as possible. In part of the other two, if I have to be working or am wanting to spend free time, I should spend as much of it as possible outside this year.

I don’t feel like when I read these that this should be hard, but I know I tried to do this in 2023 and didn’t do the best of it. But I think focusing on 2/3 will help 1 more. :slight_smile:

I think there is a lot I want to do in Fedora in 2024!

  • Organize a Monthly Community Event (@jflory7 keeps reminding me! :slight_smile: )
  • Solve the User / Activity attribution challenge for contributor data
  • Find a way to make better use of Discourse / Matrix to get things done in Fedora (rather than our older tooling like IRC, Email, etc).

I think I’m going to work on the following:

  1. Spend more time outside
  2. Write more on my blog and improve my writing
  3. Improve my fitness
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