Would you recommend Silverblue for nested VM/nested container workloads?

I’ve been seeing a lot of promising comments online about Silverblue/ublue, and it seems interesting enough to make me want to switch from my F39 main.

My problem is, I also use my machine for a lot of DevOps-y stuff for work, like running OpenShift Local (CRC) - which creates it’s own VM which then runs all the k8s containers and OpenShift code. I’d also like to VirtualBox and VMware as well to test various things, since not everything works as expected on KVM (eg, I had issues installing GhostBSD on KVM, but it worked perfectly on VirtualBox).

My idea is to have a dedicated VM running something like AlmaLinux/CentOS Stream, where I can install and mess around with all my work stuff (CRC, Ansible, AWX, Docker, Ruby, Node.js etc), so that I can have a vanilla Silverblue environment as my host, with no changes made via rpm-ostree.

From what I’ve read, CRC should mostly work as long as I stick to KVM - but I’m not sure how well it’d work when that VM is running from within a toolbox/distrobox container?

Also, I’m unsure how to get VMware Workstation and VirtualBox working. A quick Google search indicates that it may not be possible to install this directly in a distrobox due to needing kernel modules - from what I understand though, a Linux container will always use the host kernel, so I won’t be able to use custom kernel modules right? That means I’d have to use my KVM VM as my host and install VMWare and VirtualBox inside them … which isn’t exactly ideal, and I’m not sure if it’d even work since its all running from inside a container.

So any suggestions? Of course, the most logical/easy answer would be to stick to Fedora, but everyone I know (in this circle) have been peer-pressuring me to switch to Silverblue, claiming it’s the next best thing since sliced bread etc etc and how immutable OSes are the future etc… so looking for some advice here before I wipe my drive and dive deep into this. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t recommend using nested virtualization as the performance is likely to be poor.

Overall, I’d recommend installing all those virtualization tools on the host for them to perform properly and for all the needed kernel modules to be installed as well. There are a few entries in this forum about VirtualBox and its current issues. Not sure about VMware.