Would it be possible to get the post year visible on mobile?

I unknowingly replied to a 2-year old thread, after landing on it from a search engine.

In hindsight, I should’ve noticed the mention about kernel 5.11, but nowhere on the page did it show the year the thread was started or when the last post was made. All that’s visible is “Apr 21”


The “21” is the year.

In English it looks like this:

Apr '21

So it may be a localisation issue.

That said, even in English I find it easy to misread, since the font colour is too low contrast.

I propose that the full year YYYY be shown in all contexts where a year is shown. For posts it seems to be configurable by the Discourse admin (but not by users).


Oooh… I see. Thank you!

Now that I checked it, everything is technically correct, even localisation-wise. The date in my local format (Finnish) is e.g. 21. touko corresponding to May 21st or touko 21 as in May 2021.

If the full year is possible to show, that would certainly eliminate confusion.

In my case the underlying issue is the locale is actually correct, I’ve come to expect the US way of month day format instead of the Finnish day. month format.


Similarly, I set en-GB everywhere I can, but I’ve also come to expect US dates because so many websites/apps get it wrong.

It would be slightly better (in English) if the contrast was much higher, and the quote was curly Apr ’21 instead of Apr '21, but I’d still prefer full year.

Yeah, this is a localization issue. I adjusted this a few years ago to give the full year following Show post Year? - #3 by DeanMarkTaylor - feature - Discourse Meta, but only did so for English. (Or, specifically, US English.)

It happens that rather than being a config setting, the date configuration options are presented in the text customization interface.

I have long had the idea of setting up a bridge to push all of the English-language strings that I’ve changed to Fedora Weblate to get back the equivalents — that would include this. But that’s a whole project.

There are many locales and a lot of relevant values, unfortunately, so it would take a while to go through them all by hand. I’ll ask Discourse support if they have any better ideas.

Discourse support has changed all 'YY to YYYY in all locales. This should solve the issue. Please let me know if it doesn’t!


Thank you!

This most certainly clears up things, it’s very hard to get confused now.

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