Wireguard via podman?

Just wanted to find out if anyone had luck with wireguard in a podman container?

I didn’t have any luck with the linuxserver/wireguard container (gives errors trying to access contents in /lib/modules), but was wondering if there were any other pre-built containers I could user or reference.

Specifically, I am hoping for a wireguard container that will run in server mode.

Hello @barn,
I’m not entirely sure if this would be of any help but …https://www.reddit.com/r/redhat/comments/ccggjm/firewall_setup_for_vpn_pihole_in_podman_container/ it does mention setting up wireguard in a podman container, though I didn’t do a read through.

@barn and I talked on IRC a bit about this so I wanted to follow up here for others that are looking to run WireGuard on Silverblue. You shouldn’t have to run WireGuard in a container via Podman. You can set it up easily on your computer with just the wireguard-tools package.

You should be able to run WireGuard without issue on Silverblue if your kernel is greater than or equal to 5.6 without having to compile the wireguard kernel module. Also, Fedora Workstation has the wireguard-tools package available for Silverblue to include in their base install.

Fedora CoreOS just included the wireguard-tools package so their users can easily configure WireGuard without having to layer the package or try and run the wg binary via container. I encourage users here to advocate for it’s inclusion into Silverblue so you don’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops to configure a WireGuard VPN.

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