Wine problem :|

Umm… No :sob:

I Changed the wine configurations… and all of my programs in wine became very large, and I can’t reset it to default settings :frowning:
I also reinstalled wine. but the configurations didn’t fix…

what can I do?

revert the changes? what did you even do?

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@mhsarmadi we really need more information on what you did to be able to help. Please provide error logs if possible and detailed descriptions of what has gone wrong.

Please see the introductory posts in the #start-here category if you’ve not had the chance too—they have useful information on how you can help others help you.

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You can change your wine configuration in some ways, I will try to describe the most useful:

1.- With winetrick → Workaround common problems in Wine (install DLL, Select wineprefix, and some precompled program).
2.- With winecfg → change default wine configuration.

and the LAST Resort.

make a backup of your .wine folder (a special hiden folder, Select CTRL + H in Nautilus to view it) and delete it or just change the name for .wineback, and the next time you execute wine the program will create a new default configuration.


You can reinstall wine but the folder I mentioned before will keep.

Regards., HTH