Program Runs Properly When Launched From Q4Wine, but not Wine

So I was trying out Fedora and looking to potentially switch from what I am currently running. Am still on 35 as I installed it a few months ago as I am slowly when I have time working on testing/transitioning parts of my setup before I upgrade to 36. Have been using an old program in Wine for 2 years now on Pop!_OS and it’s run fine. Script is something like this

fp=$(winepath -w "$1")
wine "/Insert/Application/Path/Here" "$fp"

Just super basic little script to allow me to just right click a file and “Open with”, but when using it that way on Fedora 35 I run into an issue where certain parts of the UI of that app become unresponsive unless I disable “Allow the window manager to control the windows” in winecfg for this application. Which I do not have to do on Pop!_OS.

Wondering if it was maybe an issue with a newer version of Wine I started getting ready to install an older version of Wine to test, but before that I installed Q4Wine to make managing multiple Wine versions simpler and thought “Why don’t I just try running it from Q4Wine will probably experience the same issue, but why not”. Works perfectly fine with everything set to default besides setting it to run in a virtual desktop like I had it configured in winecfg like my previous setup on Pop!_OS.

Now my question is what is the difference between running it with just default configuration from Q4Wine vs just doing the wine command and not specifying anything. Shouldn’t those be the same defaults? It’s exec string looked something like this

/usr/bin/env  WINE='/usr/bin/wine'  WINEPREFIX='/home/velgen/.wine'  WINESERVER='/usr/bin/wineserver'  WINELOADER='/usr/bin/wine'  WINEDEBUG='-all'  /bin/sh -c "cd '/InsertWorkingPathHere/' &&   '/usr/bin/wine'   explorer.exe /desktop=Application.exe,2560x1440  'Application.exe'  2>&1 "

For additional information I am running the KDE spin and am also using KDE on Pop!_OS. Am using an entry added to the KDE Menu via the KDE Menu Editor so I can just right click on files and choose to open them with said script. The menu entries are identical to each other as well as the winecfg settings. The only difference being the specifying of the wine environment and I even modified the script with that exec string just adding in the winepath bit and it works properly. Am just a little confused about what’s different between the default values.

Well I’ve done some more testing and it seems like for whatever reason Wine is simply ignoring what has been configured in winecfg for ANY application. Just isn’t applying those settings at all. No idea why because when I check the user.reg file in the wineprefix all the settings are configured as I set them, but it’s not applying/using those settings.

Edit: Should mention that the “Default” settings of the application settings are being applied to everything. So I can edit that and those DO apply, but it is not applying any application specific settings. Which if I had to guess is because for some reason it’s not finding them to be the same application so it’s just defaulting to the default. Could make do I guess with this, but it’s extremely non-ideal.