WiFi BROADCOM 4313 stop working after update from f35 to f36


SAMSUNG RF511 Broadcom 4313 stop working after update from f35 to f36
broadcom-wł installed with kmod-wl (any tips from f35 and 34 not working)


Not yet known.

Hi @abinensabah. You need to file a bugzilla first, and hopefully a developer will be able to help you somehow.

I’m going to move this out of the Proposed Common Issues category. I don’t know if this will meet the criteria for that designation, but hopefully someone will be able to help diagnose and fix the issue. That can also help decide if a bug should be filed, and if so what that bug should be filed against.

@abinensabah, where did you get the kmod-wl packages?

I get it from RpmFusion Non-Free for Fedora Development for x86_64

I have additional info in Software Center “Cant install Broadcom STA driver - its not supported”

Solved by today update - kmod-wl-
Wifi Starts working

Have a nice day like i have :slight_smile: