WiFi available on Fedora Server as installed

Back in F34 I discovered that there was no way to setup wireless network in anaconda when installing Fedora Server. This on a machine with only WiFi access to the network.

Somewhere in my reading on the subject I came across something with a lot of chat that spanned a couple of years. It started out with a lot of commentary on wireless on being good to use on a server and around what software would need to be loaded on the server to enable wireless. Lastly someone said they were working on it and it should be around F35 Server.

I’ve been checking the test releases as they have come out and so far it’s not there. Yes’ it can be set up manually, but that’s no fun.

Certainly in “this day and age” wireless should be an option at install time. There are lots of applications for in the building Servers that operate on IPs starting with 192.168 and the like. Many of these would be difficult to wire and so Wireless is the answer.

Have I missed something?