Wifi is not working enp42s0: unavailable


$sudo lshw -C network

enp22s0f0u3: connected to Wired connection 2
“Qualcomm Redmi Note 9 Pro”
that is my smartphone usb tethering connection not wifi… any help

Search for RTL8125 and install this drivers.
Fedora comes without closed source drivers.

but this driver was preinstalled in fedora workstation … why not on minimal fedora server

Because it is a minimal set of packages for a server to work. Fedora Workstation ISO images are prepared to work with a wide range of setups so it supports more devices out of the box. Fedora Server minimal installation doesn’t have packages like firmware, drivers, etc. so you have to install them manually according to your needs.

Dirty solution installing kde-group or gnome-group

Keyword minimal.
The server only installs the bare minimum packages so it is up to the user to select and configure devices that are not part of the base installation. Having the proper driver and firmware following installation is really simple. Use that hardware device during the install so the needed driver is loaded during installation.

To recover now one way would be to simply look at which driver is installed and functions on the workstation and install the same driver on the server.

There are several groups of packages available, one or more of which may provide the firmware and drivers you need. These can be seen with dnf group list [--hidden|--available]

The firmware for hardware devices is available with dnf install linux-firmware. I don’t happen to know exactly which package contains the driver for the RTL adapter.